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Whole Home Back-up Generators

Purchase and Install a Whole Home Generator in Pennsylvania & Delaware

Make sure your family is prepared year-round for unpredictable power outages with a whole home back-up generator. Many residents throughout Pennsylvania, particularly in Southeastern PA, have experienced multiple short-term power outages. For some homeowners, they went weeks without power due to snow and ice storms last year. All could have greatly benefited from having a home generator standing by. If you have experienced power outages recently, investing in a whole home generator by Generac® will save you the hassle of not having power in the future and enable you to remain comfortable no matter how bad the weather gets.

Why should I Choose a Generac® Home Generator?

Generac® is the leading manufacturer of whole home back-up generators and offers a variety of applications to suit the needs of your family and your home. R&D Heating and Cooling carry the Guardian Series of Generac® Generators, the best option available for homeowners looking for a Whole Home Generator solution. Generac® Guardian Series Whole Home generators feature an automatic transfer of power in the event of an outage and provide the most reliable and convenient generator power source.

Our certified Technicians can also perform the routine preventative maintenance that will keep your whole-home generator running in top form season after season.

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Where can I find a Generac® Home Generator?

If you are a Pennsylvania resident and interested in purchasing a whole home generator by Generac® look no further than R&D Heating and Cooling! We are a Factory Certified Generac® Generator Sales, Installation & Service Dealer and our service technicians are fully capable of assisting you with all of your generator needs. Upgrade your home before winter starts and make sure your family is prepared for worst! Contact us today and ask about our Generac® Generator Installation Specials at 610-444-6421

Find The Perfect Generator Size For Your Home.

How do Whole Home Generators Work?

Whole Home Generators are installed outside of your home main electrical line from the utility company and detects energy flowing through it. When the generator detects an interruption of power flow from the utility line it automatically turns on, sustaining power throughout your home. The generator safely disconnects the utility line and simultaneously connects to a new power line from the generator. This automatic transfer switch is a major convenience because your home will remain with continuous power! The generator will also detect when power flow has been restored in the utility line, and automatically switch back to your main electrical service cable.

Whole Home Generator Customized to Fit Your Needs

You can customize your whole home generator to best fit your needs in the event that you experience a power outage. R&D Heating and Cooling offers the full line of the Generac® Generators Guardian Series ranging from 8 kilowatts to 60 kilowatt systems.

Contact one of our Generac® Factory Certified Sales Consultants today to find out which whole home generator system will be best for you at 610-444-6421

To learn more about how generators work watch our generator videos!

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