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Air Conditioning Repair (A/C Rpair)

A/C Repair Checklist

What does R&D HVAC need from me to schedule my repair? Not very much. We work on all types of A/C units. In our area, there are several system types that are most typical. Here is a quick list for reference:

  • Split Systems

    These are the most typical type of Central A/C system. They are called split systems because the unit is split into two sections. Split central A/C systems usually have an outdoor unit called a condenser, and an evaporative coil inside. Our team will help you understand exactly what the issue with your split system is and what we’ll need to do to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Packaged Sytems

    Packaged Central A/C Systems use all of the same parts as a split system, they are simply compact enough to work in a single unit. Package units are typically used in situations where space is a concern. If you have a package unit, our technicians will evaluate your package units internal components and break down your mechanical issues.

  • Ductless(Mini-Split)

    Ductless Mini-Split central A/C systems are best used in spaces where there is no existing ductwork and a need to reduce construction within the home. A significant benefit of Ductless A/C systems is there extremely high efficiency and the ease of implementing zoned cooling solutions. If you have a Ductless air conditioning system we will help you solve the problems you are having cooling your home.

Trust the Experts

There are dozens of factors to take into consideration when looking over a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. From the thermostat to the wiring, to the various components of the equipment itself, a reliable technician should be able to diagnose and repair any of these aspects of a home’s cooling system. That’s why the technicians from R&D Heating, Cooling, and Electric have trained in all aspects of a home’s essential systems.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

The most effective way to fix your AC system is to make sure it never breaks in the first place. By scheduling regular preventative maintenance, you’ll be able to avoid catastrophic problems that can be expensive to fix.

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R&D Heating & Cooling has been serving the Greater Philadelphia and South Eastern Pennsylvania area with excellent air conditioning system repair work. We service all brands of air conditioner units.We provide upgrades for thermostats in homes and our technicians can give you recommendations to help you save money on energy costs for your business or home.

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